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Karl performs lieder of Franz Schubert (Florentine Thost)

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This page contains a collection of my favorite songs with piano accompaniment that I sing for my own personal enjoyment. The songs comprise primarily lieder and ballads from the romantic period that were either originally composed for the baritone voice and piano or have been transposed to my own bass range. I think it would benefit others with similar interests, if I share the results of my efforts. Of course, I would be pleased if more singers were encouraged to do this in a similar fashion.

MIDI sequencing, which I use to produce the piano accompaniments, is an easy to learn, but laborious way to achieve high-quality piano music. As a retiree, I’m fortunate enough to have the time to pursue this challenging MIDI hobby.

Here you don’t find MIDI files but two versions of MP3 audio files:

  • a version containing the melody, in which a wind instrument may assume the vocal part.
  • a playback or karaoke version, in which the vocal part is nearly inaudible, but which still offers the vocalist sufficient guidance.

Below you see the various songs sorted by composers. You can listen to them by pressing the playbutton icon of the embedded miniPlayer or you can download the MP3 audio files. There are two miniPlayers behind the titles in each line; the first one will retrieve the melody version and the second one will retrieve the piano accompaniment version. In my Private Song & Piano Lounge you find the MIDI files and professional interpretations of the songs. In case you want to get access or derive your own versions from my original MIDI files, please feel free to contact me.

BIZET, Georges  (1838-1875)

LOEWE, Carl  (1796-1869)

      Liederkranz für die Bass-Stimme (Op.145):

ROSER VON REITER, Franz de Paula  (1779-1830)

SCHUBERT, Franz  (1797-1828)

SCHUMANN, Robert  (1810-1856)

STRAUSS, Richard  (1864-1949)


Karl performs lieder of Franz Schubert (Florentine Thost)

Karl performs lieder of Franz Schubert (Florentine Thost)