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My Hobby Lounge is designed to let you experience and share in my enjoyment in music. It will also hopefully allow me to communicate with others who have similar interests:

  • Accordionists and those who enjoy vintage harmonica music
    For all of you accordion aficionados, I’ve assembled a collection of pieces that I enjoyed playing in my younger days. These timeless accordion oldies are presented in the Accordion Lounge.
  • Vocalists who like classical piano songs
    If you’re a bassist like me and interested in piano accompaniments to songs set to music by composers of the romantic period, this site may be for you. My collection is presented in the Song & Piano Lounge.
  • Parents or grandparents who need fairy tales for their children or grandchildren
    For German speakers/listeners, I have a collection of my favorite fairy tales and fables. These are presented in Opa Karls Märchenstube.


I was born in a small town near Heidelberg, Germany in 1945, a lovely area where I continue to live today. I received a basic musical education in high school and during that time I had a first opportunity to practice music with the local accordion club in my home town. As it turned out, the accordion became my trusty companion over the years. You can listen to my favorite pieces in the Accordion Lounge.

Since my interest in classical music had been awakened at school age, as a young man I acquired an extensive collection of  stereophonic vinyl records. After retiring from professional life as an electronics engineer, I began singing in a church choir and participated in several oratorio performances. One day a CD with ballads composed by Carl Loewe did not only motivate me into singing along with the professional bass vocalist, but it also made me want to sing the ballads solo, accompanied by Loewe’s wonderful piano arrangements. I began searching the Internet for “karaoke” offers, but I couldn’t find anything suitable. However, I then discovered that MIDI techniques allowed me to produce more sophisticated piano accompaniments on my own. I am proud to present the results in the Song & Piano Lounge.

My computer-aided music is based on MIDI sequencing. I give a deeper insight into my MIDI story and methods in the MIDI Hobby Lounge.

With the passage of time, I’ve now reached an age where singing isn’t as easy as it used to be. But thanks to my ever-growing family, I’ve found another new challenge: storytelling. Inspired by my grandchildren, I’ve begun narrating fairy tales and fables for children. It reminds me of how my own grandfather used to tell me stories when I was young. Since my grandchildren don’t live close by, I’ve put these stories on CDs. As these recordings might also be of interest to other German speakers/listeners, I’ve made them available in Opa Karls Märchenstube.

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